Welcoming Children Home 2017

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What is Welcoming Children Home?

The purpose of this annual Central Coast Orphan Care Conference is to motivate and inform Christians of both the Biblical call and the needs of orphans. This conference is for everyone! Those interested in foster care and adoption; those with adopted or foster kids looking for more support and training; and those who are wanting to care for orphans globally and domestically but not called to adopt.

Something for Everyone- In addition to three General Sessions we will be offering a wide variety of breakout sessions

2017 Keynote Speaker: Jason Johnson:

Jason Johnson is an adoptive and foster parent who speaks, writes, and blogs on all issues related to his passion for catalyzing a movement of orphan care in the church and around the world. With his wife Emily and their four daughters, he worked to plant a North Houston based church in 2008, out of which grew the non-profit Orphan Care Network. His personal experience with adoption and foster care, combined with his ministry background led to his current role as Director of the National Church Ministry Initiative with Christian Alliance for Orphans. He is author of All In Orphan Care and blogs at www.jasonjohnsonblog.com.

Breakout and Panel Sessions Offered:

  • Steps to Foster Care & Adoption:

This workshop will explain the necessary steps to become a Resource Family (foster) and/or to adopt a child through various different agencies. Come learn what it takes and what the various agencies have to offer.

  • NeuroResilience: How to trauma proof your nervous system:

You have a beautifully designed brain and nervous system but what happens when it is exposed to toxic stress and trauma? Learn the basic components of NeuroResilience to calm the brain and body with easy-to- use nervous system hacks.

  • Opportunities to Care for the At-Risk Child:

This panel will help people who are not feeling called to foster or adopt learn the many other ways to help wrap around foster kids/at-risk kids or support families who have adopted or are fostering. Panelists will include Royal Family Kid’s Camp Director, Short-Term Missionaries, Foster parents and a members of an Orphan Ministry team here at GraceSLO

  • First Impressions: Prenatal Trauma and the Loss of Birth Parents:

Trauma associated with prenatal stress, traumatic birth/delivery, and separation associated with at-birth adoption.

  • ReFraming the Struggle - Finding Strength When Things are Hard:

Foster care is a battle, fought with no more powerful of a weapon than the truth of the Word of God. It is imperative that everything about foster care – all the unique experiences, emotions and situations you find yourself walking through during this journey – are filtered through the lens of scripture. It provides context, purpose and meaning to it all and is ultimately the means by which you can be sustained, encouraged and motivated to continue on in a healthy way. This workshop will be an interactive discussion for those in the trenches of their foster care journeys.

  • Healing Strategies for the Hurt Family :

How do power-full families live in close relationships with one another? Learn how to decrease power struggles and teach children to be responsible and fun to be around. Use practical, power-full parenting tools with interactive activities to help your family heal.

  • Navigating the World of Biological Families as a Foster or Adoptive Parent:

One of the hardest and scariest things for foster and adoptive parents is the children’s family of origin. This workshop will focus on the pitfalls and challenges of interactions with biological family members as well as the benefits and blessings. The goal of the workshop is to better prepare adoptive and foster parents to navigate the sometimes troubled waters of biological families.

  • Counting the Cost -- Birth Child / Sibling Panel:

How adoption & Foster Care impacts your birth children – Come hear this panel of grown “bio children” who grew up in families that have adopted and fostered children. Listen to how foster care or adoption impacted their life growing up.

  • The Blessings and Challenges of Adoption & Foster Care:

This panel of adoptive moms share their experiences, both the blessings and challenges that come when they answered the call to adopt.

  • Therapeutic Parenting:

Using intentional strategies to manage children and teens’ dysregulation and increase their sense of safety in the adoptive parent-child bond.

  • We Love Because He First Loved Us:

How our experience of God's love helps us attach to kids from trauma: Workshop on Attachment and Bonding

  • Family Based Care in the Majority World

In the US, we recognize and have built our care systems around families, whether that be foster, adoptive or strengthening vulnerable families. But what does that look like in the majority world? This workshop will discuss the factors surrounding vulnerable children and families in countries where corruption and poverty often lead to children being needlessly separated from families or never entering a family at all. More importantly, we'll discuss how the church, both locally and globally, can play a part to help children be raised in families.

Cost: $20 (includes lunch and breakouts)

For more information, please go to WelcomingChildrenHome.com


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  • November 4
    8:30 am - 4:00 pm
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